Welcome to the Blue Dream Sardinia website. We are owner operators of all the
boats shown in this website, so you can choose how to enjoy your holiday in
Sardinia without third party intermediaries.
Your perfect cruising experience in these crystal clear coastal waters starts here, Bon voyage!


Choose the yacht or semi-rigid inflatable boat to make your Emerald Coast
vacation unique. Rent the craft that suits you perfectly.


Give yourself a refreshing holiday experience. Let the crystalline sea off the
Maddalena Archipelago and Southern Corsica Islands lull you, or be enchanted by
its magnificent Emerald Coast beaches.


Fully enjoy the wonders of Sardinia with the Blue Dream Sardinia crew.


About Us

Blue Dream Sardinia is made up of a mix of qualified captains and professional external collaborators. Our aim is to blend passion with professionalism, our young and dynamic team is always ready to support the customer by accompanying him/her throughout their vacation. Kindness, positivity mixed with expertise are our hallmarks that guarantee a unique and relaxing experience.

Our young and dynamic team is always ready to support customers by
accompanying them throughout their trip with courteousness and positivity. We perform our work with a quiet and focused passion that guarantees customers a unique and relaxing experience.