• Emiliano

      Emiliano, his love for the sea led him to Sardinia in 2009 where he researched and created the company Blue Dream Sardinia in just two years. Blue Dream Sardinia is now recognised as a leader in the field of marine tours. Always looking to broaden his experience he has studied various aquatic-related disciplines, he is now an Apnea Academy Instructor, PADI Instructor, and Swimming Instructor. He regularly practices deep-sea fishing, which has made him an expert in the waters off Northern Sardinia. He practices extreme sports during the winter months and is fluent in English.

    • Andrew

        Andrea was born in Olbia, Italy, his passion for the sea has been nurtured from an early age.A graduate of “life at sea” but also with professional qualifications gained from the Accademia Marina Mercantile of Genoa. In the winter months he serves as a navigational officer on board ships that transport petrochemicals throughout the Mediterranean.When Summer finally returns he makes his time to be available back in Sardinia to take command of our boats.Sociable, dynamic and always very helpful, he loves to share his encyclopaedic knowledge of the area with clients, pointing out areas of beauty, and revealing secrets and stories hidden in the history of the island.In his free time he loves photography and mountain biking.He speaks fluent English.

      • Samuel

          Samuele, was born in Milan Italy, where he still lives. He works in the winter months in IT and nautical fields.In the Summer months he dons his skipper’s uniform to resume his true passion back in Sardinia. He is a certified Divemaster-(PADI), swimming instructor including BLSD rescue, with certified use authorization.A Traveler and motorcyclist he has traveled the world on a few planned adventures. He speaks fluent English.

        • Luca

            Luca, Born in Alghero, Italy he graduated from The Nautical Technical Institute and later obtained on-board training courses in the Italian Navy. He is an Apnea Academy Instructor (Free diving), as well as a PADI and SSI Divemaster. He has in the past managed the diving courses on the island of L’ isola di Asinara , in Sardinia and has gained various specialised diving experience while working abroad. In his free time, he enjoys recreational fishing and runs Apnea Free diving competitions. His qualities are many but above all is his experience and professionalism. He speaks fluent English.

          • Eugenio

              Eugenio, after sailing and competing in events throughout the world’s seas and having crossed the Atlantic Ocean, he finally arrived in Sardinia where he strengthened his pleasure craft commander experience. He is a federal FIV Instructor, professional skipper, and personal trainer. Wind and salt run through his veins. During the winter, he travels and plays rugby and goes windsurfing. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

            • Riccardo

                Riccardo, born in Alghero, Italy he is a Marine Biologist with a Master’s in Marine Resource Management. He is an Apnea Academy Instructor and an expert underwater guide. He has sailed throughout the Mediterranean as an excellent pleasure craft captain. During the winter, he teaches Apnea Free diving and martial arts. In his spare time, he practices sailing and yoga. He has a pleasant and outgoing personality, and speaks fluent English, French, Spanish, and Catalan.

              • Dario

                  Dario, Born in Gallura, Italy he began working as a skipper on sailboats before moving across to motor boats. He began collaborating with Blue Dream Sardinia in 2017 and has demonstrated his great ability as a crew member ever since. During the winter, he works as a Barman in the evening and Swimming Instructor by day. He speaks fluent English and is a helpful and professional person.

                • Cristian

                    Born in Ischia,Italy. He was trained on large cruise ships, rising up through the levels and gaining more experience before reaching the rank of navigation officer. He considers himself fortune that his work allows him to sail the most beautiful seas in the world.When the summertime arrives it is with great passion that he returns to the command of our “smaller” motor and pleasure yachts.His other great interest is windsurfing which he has been practicing since the age of 8.He has a good knowledge of both English and Portuguese.